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National Energy Globe Award Bolivia, Plurinational State of (overall winner)

Submitted by: GTZ - PROAGRO, Componente Acceso a Servicios Energéticos
Implemented country: Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Title: Solar energy for social infrastructure in Bolivian rural areas

Access to energy services such as electricity or thermal energy (for preparing warm water) in schools, health centers and community centers is not a common service in the Bolivian rural area, as would be assumed in other countries. Therefore, providing modern technology (PV and thermo solar systems) for these institutions should help people, especially children, to improve their living conditions. The Project works closely with Municipalities, Prefectures and other institutions. The project offer includes technical assistance, economic support and capacity building for people who are involved with the co-finance, use and maintenance tasks of the technology. The main concern of the Project is to ensure the sustainability of the interventions by mobilizing local funds and local authority commitment.

Category: Fire