Submitted by: Technisches Büro Ing. Bernhard Hammer GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Renovation and addition at TZ Messendorf

In response to climate change and drastically rising energy prices, the football club of Graz, Austria, decided to build a low-energy office building and training center. Designed by H.B. Hammer, the project was realized between June and November 2009 and encompasses: - two heat pumps coupled with a solar system for heating and hot water - a photovoltaic system on the roof that feeds excess power into the grid - two fountains for cooling the building - a reservoir for excess fountain water, used for outside cleaning and watering the sport facility The project strives to save 5.6 tons of CO2 annually, reduce energy consumption of 28 MWh, and power production of 5 MWh. Heat recovery will save €55,000 in operating costs over ten years.

Category: Air