National Energy Globe Award Guatemala (overall winner)

Submitted by: Volunteer Peten
Implemented country: Guatemala
Title: School of Natural Resouces

Volunteer Petén is taking on a new journey in its quest to help both the environment and the local community by setting up a School for Natural Resources in San Andres. Certified by the Ministry of Education, students will receive a diploma in Natural Resource Management after 3 years of study. All classes will be designed and taught by director Matthew R. Peters, and will be based on the same type of education he received both in High School and University studies in the United States. After being a part of the education system for 8 years, we can easily see that education and schools are in a downward spiral in rural Guatemala. Books, qualified and dedicated teachers, resources, and consistency in classes are things that do not exist in the education system in rural Guatemala. It is not uncommon for classes to last one to two hours a day, and at most three days a week due to apathy in teachers and the overall school system. Our school will bring something new, fresh, positive, and professional to the local region, as we hope to make profound and long lasting impacts in education, conservation, and the overall stability in the region.

Category: Youth