World Energy Globe Award (Youth)
National Energy Globe Award Argentina (overall winner)

Submitted by: Asociacion Ciudadania Solidaria
Implemented country: Argentina
Title: Sustainable develop from the School

The rural community La Soledad in the province of Salsa in northwest Argentina struggles with poverty and malnourishment. In a pilot project (2003-2008) of the Argentine NGO Ciudadanía Solidaria, the self-sufficiency of the local school was ensured. In cooperation with pupils and the community, an agricultural area was established on school grounds where fruits, spices and vegetables are grown (some in greenhouses), seedlings are nurtured, honey bees are kept, and other animals (pigs, poultry, rabbits) are raised. These home-grown organic products are processed on site by the students. Bio-waste is used as fertilizer, and energy is supplied by the sun. The know-how acquired through the project enables pupils and teachers to continue to run the farming. Learning performance by the pupils was improved through regular, balanced school lunches, and learning problems were drastically reduced. The success of the project has now led to its implementation in other schools in the region.

Category: Youth