National Energy Globe Award Malaysia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Tunku Abdul Rahman University
Implemented country: Malaysia
Title: Use of quantum dots luminescent solar concentrators in building integrated photovoltaic systems

The Luminescent Solar Concentrator (LSC) consists of a transparent flat glass doped with luminescent dyes such as organic dyes. The sunlight incident to the glass is absorbed by the luminescent dyes which will then emit and guide the light to the edges of the glass. It is proposed to attach concentrated or usual solar panels at the edges of the glass to convert the sunlight into electricity. The fabrication cost of the LSCs is very low and the size of solar modules required at the edges is small. Hence the cost of such photovoltaic system can be much lower than that of the existing PV panels. It is believed that if the organic dyes in LSCs are replaced or blended by quantum dots such as Cadmium Selenide, the efficiency of converting solar energy into electricity can be improved significantly because of the tunable size of the nano-particles that can capture solar radiation with a wide range of solar spectrum.

Category: Fire