National Energy Globe Award New Zealand (overall winner)

Submitted by: Clean Stream Waiheke Limited
Implemented country: New Zealand
Title: Turning Waste into Plastic

Clean Stream Waiheke Ltd (CSWL), a non-profit organization in the small New Zealand island of Waiheke, has set a goal of creating a zero-waste project community. CSWL has been working on keeping Waiheke clean for 10 years and manages the entire public, private, and commercial waste of the island’s 8,000 inhabitants.

The organization is also responsible for the EC Board project. EC Board is a durable and versatile plastic made from recycling material. It consists of a wide array of plastic waste such as plastic bags, toothpaste tubes, plastic cups, etc. The board can be used in gardening for raised beds, compost containers, flower-bed spacers, or concreting panels.
CSWL wants to avoid the production of waste in the first place and would like to turn unavoidable waste into useful, marketable products. The technology involved is quite simple, and the input material doesn’t have to be clean and non-recyclable. Advantages are: Reduction of waste in landfills, avoiding high transportation costs, minimizing material costs, and producing useful products. The production process is, in sum, cheaper than the transportation costs for conventional equivalent products.

„What we've developed is a process that turns rubbish into gold!“

John Stansfield

Category: Earth