National Energy Globe Award Romania (overall winner)

Submitted by: Planungsbüro DP Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Heinz Koberger
Implemented country: Romania
Title: Humane sanitary facilities for an orphanage in Romania

Water is life. We take water for granted until we look to the world’s poorest regions. Eighty percent of diseases and over thirty percent of all deaths in the southern hemisphere are due to inadequate water supplies. Annually one point five million children under five die due to poor hygiene and foul water. Students from a vocational school and a technical secondary school in Linz, Austria, seek to make a contribution to solving these problems. They are building a container-based sanitary system for a home for handicapped children in Romania. A complete preassembled sanitary facility with a solar water heating was built to ensure sanitation. Its solar and passive house technology further represents a technology transfer.

Category: Youth