National Energy Globe Award Turkmenistan (overall winner)

Submitted by: National Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan
Implemented country: Turkmenistan
Title: Making a Desert Livable

Chary Muradov works for the Turkmen Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna (NIDFF), which is part of the Ministry of Nature Conservation. He is responsible for sustainable development in Central Asia. Chary Muradov is also responsible for the Karakum region. Karakum is a desert in Central Asia that belongs to the national territory of Turkmenistan. Approximately 10,000 people live in this region. In October of 2007, Muradov and his team organized a project with the goal of providing a long-term energy and water supply infrastructure for the population of this desert area.
This showcase project is being carried out in remote villages about 120 kilometers north of Ashgabat in the Karakum desert. The plan is to improve socioeconomic conditions, reducing migration and creating more jobs. The list of activities includes installation of a drip irrigation system in a schoolyard for teachers and school children, providing small gardens for medicinal herbs and plants, using sustainable energies for heating the school building, stabilizing the sand dunes, optimizing pasture land and using solar energy for lighting and heating cattle barns.
Chary Muradov feels that it is of particular importance to maintain the integrity of the population within its environment. The project’s total budget is 26,600 euros. Funding comes from several different sources.

“Live in better harmony with our planet and become more responsible for everyone’s future.”

Chary Muradov

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