National Energy Globe Award Saudi Arabia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Polykem Sarl & Estefa Group
Implemented country: Saudi Arabia
Title: Universal Safe Fire Fighting Cooling Powder

Fire fighting New Powder - The main advantages: 1.Absence of any corrosive component. The powder is degradable and harmless to the environment. 2.Cooling from 2000 cg. To hand touch within 27 seconds. 3.High efficiency in forming stable and long lasting isolating films on any kind of liquids (polar & non-polar) and solid fires. 4.Flexibility: one powder can be used for almost any kind of fire. 5.Used safely, even at home and in forests. 6.Lower production, transport and purchasing costs . 7.Low storage volumes and longer storage times. The powder allows also easy handling and quick transporting to the areas of fires 8.Production facility is not very complicated and product could be available to the market within short advice. 9.Any water (even sea water) could be used to be mixed with the powder to make the foam.

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