Submitted by: geosolar Gösselsberger GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Clever combination of solar heat pumps and regional heating saves profoundly on heating costs

In 2008 Geosolar Gösselsberger implemented a well-planned project: a regional heating and solar heat pump combination system that for the first time enables full utilization of the energy from regional heating. A 180 m² residence with heating and hot water via regional heating (geothermal) was extended to 450 m². A corresponding increase in the capacity of the regional heating connection was not possible; therefore a low-temperature heating system in combination with a heat pump was implemented to increase capacity by 45 kW. This also minimizes the backflow losses in the regional heating network. At the bottom line, the costs of heating and hot water have not noticeably increased despite the extension to more than double the original floor area.

Category: Fire