Submitted by: Neue Mittelschule Spittal 2
Implemented country: Austria
Title: First Carinthian ÖKOLOG day

Topic: ". Are only what we know, we respect and protect it," The diversity of nature in the school environment, discover exploring Document A) Brief Summary of 2786 students from 30 ÖKOLOG - schools in Carinthia supported by 40 experts from 10 Carinthian conservation organizations discovered and explored their school environment on 7 May 2009. The biodiversity (fauna and flora) are listed, documented and identified. This ÖKOLOG tag that is repeated every year from now is to raise awareness of the natural wealth in the vicinity of the school and keep alive. Through the annual repetition of the project day, it is possible a change in the natural environment of the school and making them aware. Subsequently, on that day were not conducted other environmental projects.

Category: Youth