National Energy Globe Award Moldova, Republic of (overall winner)

Submitted by: WINDROSE s.r.o. Czech Republic / Vortex Wind Power Laboratory Moldovan Union Inventors & Rationalize
Implemented country: Moldova, Republic of
Title: Zero level Environment Impact Wind Turbine That is Safe For Birds

The present project was initiated due to historic facts that have documentary evidence. The statistical data shows that the windmills had an extremely wide spreading on the territory of the current Republic of Moldova. In 1901 there were attested 6208 windmills. Based on the available wind atlas Moldova has a poor technical potential for wind energy development. For more then 10 years we’ve been making practical research of the new WECS systems of vortical type in Northern, Central and Southern Moldova. The exploitation and development of the newest effective ultra low wind-speed technologies that have no negative impact on the environment is the most promising and inexpensive energy source available today for extensive distribution which opens new economic and social prospects for the society.

Category: Fire