Submitted by: AVE BOHEMIA s.r.o.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Reduction in electricity loss in light bulbs

The degree of efficiency for classic light bulbs is very low – around 8%. It can however be increase by overheating the fibre of the bulb, which then means that the life span would decrease considerably, which is a disadvantage. But especially this fact can mean a significant energy saving for a lightening with an advantage. It is sufficient to increase the voltage only a bit (and or even better to use a common bulb for a voltage of 220 V for the existing distribution with 240 V) and the degree of efficiency of this bulb is increased immediately by approx. 20% so that a weaker bulb (i.e. instead 75 W now a 60 W is sufficient) can be used and thereby the electricity at the same amount of the produced light. On the other side one has to consider the simultaneous decrease of its life span by a third, i.e. from 1000 hours to 330 hours, so that this bulb needs to be changed more often but the financial savings of 15 W during 1000 hours give us in expressed in money more than 50 CZK, which covers the purchase of two further bulbs for a price of 20 CZK/2 pieces and we are left with 30 CZK. The electricity savings from this measure can be used worldwide and would mean a saving of 100 000 GWh electricity.

Category: Earth