Submitted by: AVE BOHEMIA s.r.o.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Building heating with biomass with a degree of efficiency of over 95%

The presented project shows basic errors in the design of heatings of family homes with solid and gaseous fuels and shows precisely that not technical parameters of the boilers and especially not those at a nominal power, but the daily and annual usage levels, potential for possibilities of their modification and switching on, furthermore their placing, qualitative operation and also voluntary quality adherence and fuel type for the efficient burning are decisive. Under these circumstances the hot water chimney is proven to be the best heat source for family homes, as it has in the real practice not only the highest degree of efficiency with the lowest emissions, but brings the additional aesthetical bonus of a view on a burning fire, and all this with the burning of not prepared wood as a renewable source of energy. It also enables the solar energy use with minimum costs.

Category: Fire