Submitted by: ELDEC
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Electricity extraction and accumulation from lightening with technical means

For centuries mankind has tried to use the climatic natural phenomenon of the lightening and its energy. The biggest problem is of course the fact that in a very short instance of at a maximum a few tenth of a second a release of the immediate lightening load of a few thousand megawatts at a voltage of several mega volts is effectuated. A further problem is that the place and time of the release are totally or fairly coincidental, dependable on the thermal fluctuation, humidity and state of air ionisation, and that is why it is fairly difficult to estimate potential gradients, which can lead to a coronal plasma release. Independent of this is that the Czech Republic is a big power with regard to the frequency of lightening in Europe due to the mountaineous and hilly terrain and has on many of these tops various poles, look-outs, new poles for wind generators, which offer themselves on the one hand for the installation of lightening conductors, on the other hand for winning at least a part of the electric lightening energy. The subject of our project is the theoretical as well as the practical solution (functional sample) of electricity extraction and accumulation of lightening through technical means, and this is how: 1. by using an active conductor system with ionisation rockets with an induction bound catching device; 2. by using a standard lightening conductor and induction bound catching device; 3. induction bound catching device for electricity.

Category: Fire