Submitted by: Oto Reiss
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: 4 topics – drinking regime, free and bound water, hardening, domestic baking machine

For nearly 70 years we have been living by the following saying: “As we sweat out a lot of water, we should also drink a lot of water.” But we should go by the safe rule: “As we drink a lot we must sweat out a lot afterwards!” Free and bound water is probably a new topic, which has discovered the mechanism of common illnesses with an unclear origin, such as types of dry eczema, psoriasis, ischaemia or dangerous brittleness of blood vessels. And for the third time water. We think hardening is an educational thing, even if it brings the largest savings, from an energetic point of view, especially of fossil fuels. The author’s opinion is that to prepare basic provisions at home is the right way to a healthy life, especially at a time where it seems that the number of illnesses and invalids exceed the number of relatively healthy people, who can care for them. Health is a phenomenon, which from an ecological point of view is difficult to judge. In any case it would save huge amounts of money for the society, especially concerning young people.

Category: Earth