Submitted by: Grundfos, s.r.o.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: energy saving circulation pump ALPHA2

The largest producer of circulation pumps worldwide, the company Grundfos, has been realising the energetic project for the third year already, which is geared towards the introduction of energy saving circulation pumps into households. The project is based on the identification of the energy consumption with the help of signs similar to the ones on fridges or other household items, whereby the scale of the energy class “A” to “G” is used. In the class “A” the most economical pumps are identified, which save at least 60% electricity compared to an average circulation pump of the class “D” (class “B” are 40 – 60% and class “C” are 20 – 40%). The pump ALPHA2 implements the new standard in the energy saving area, performance and operational adaptability for circulation pumps. The pumps ALPHA2 of the highest energy class „A“ achieve exceptional savings thanks to the use of the most effective motors, which are based on the technology of permanent magnets and the unique function AUTODAPT, which adjusts the most optimal turn and the most optimal pump action fully automatically without intervention of the operation.

Category: Earth