Submitted by: CSOB
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: New HQ of CSOB

In Prague in 2007 a new ubiquitous office building for 2 500 staff was built by Ceskoslovenská obchodní banka. Six pavilions with three glazed atriums and two courtyards have a built-up area of 220 x 75 m und 47 000 m2 usable floor space, which makes it the larges developer mission of office buildings in the Czech republic. The work space has an airy, very light inside ambience without any division by inside walls, which offers a socially and psychologically friendly climate for internal communication, teamwork and sharing of information. From the start the project was designed as an allover ecological build. For optimising the energetic efficiency the following methods were used: optimal orientation, perfection of the building construction, highly efficient boilers, outside insulation, control of the inside lightening and installed energy measurements, outside lightening.

Category: Earth