Submitted by: Energ, spol. s.r.o.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Energy saving project EPC in the bakery PENAM Rosice

The energy saving project guarantees the company Penam in Rosice u Brna an efficient operation of the heat economy which also comprises production technologies. The necessary investments were mainly used for the decentralizing of the technological steam, i.e. installation of new local sources at the places of demand of the bakery production, in the reconstruction of hot air sources for the supply of the technology of bakery goods, realization of modification of the hot water heating for objects including the hot water production, installation of exhaust fume heating for the use of waste heat from production technologies and of course solutions for the entire system of measurements and regulations of given measures including the monitoring. The project is financed with the EPC method, i.e. without the necessity of expenditure of investments from the bakery. The supplier guarantees contractually that the investment will be paid back by the achieved savings. That is why he operates and controls the heat economy. The investment costs are 12.6 million CZK, the annual savings are 16.700 GJ, project duration 7 years. The goal of the project was the reduction of the operation costs, especially the costs for the energy input. The achieved energy savings exceed the originally guaranteed 25% (they reach 30%). What is especially significant is the reduction of CO2-emissions, which from the point of view of climate protection and climate change is especially important, it is 932 000 kg CO2/year. The financial savings are approx. 4 million crowns per year.

Category: Earth