Submitted by: OKNOPLASTIK s.r.o.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Solar battery

This concerns a warehouse with offices in a low energy hollow build construction. With the help of solar panels water is stratified and heated in a container with 200000 litres. The priority is the heating of the offices via a floor heating and filling up of the hot water boiler. The surplus is used for the drying room of cut timber. With the annual surplus of heat energy up to 443 m3 timber can be dried. Only for the drying of this wood amount annually 162 tons CO2 can be reduced. If the total volume of environmental care of the build is taken into account then this would be 2112 tons of CO2. The build contributes significantly to reduce CO2 emissions. It is not only ecological but also economical. I.e. for drying the same timber amount you would need coal for 132.900.- CZK. This is a wise alternative how one can both conserve the nature and save financial means.

Category: Earth