Submitted by: Technické služby Zlín, s.r.o.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Use of bio-degradable waste to produce fuel

The company Technické služby Zlín, s.r.o. is aware of the importance of the environmental protection and the increase of use of renewable energy sources. Biomass as a renewable energy source contains a big energy potential. This project solves the problem of bio-degradable waste from the communal area (especially when caring for green spaces). Bio-degradable waste amounts which are deposited on dump-sites according to the law must be reduced and that is why this project came into existence, which produces fuel from bio-degradable waste with the help of modern technologies, whereby fuel is reduced by not using non-renewable energy sources. Via the modern technology the product – biomass, compost for the energetic use (and/or compost for ground fertilization) is produced. This concerns a biomass mixture which consists of wood chips, grass, paper, straw and further biological degradable waste and is assigned for the direct burning for the energetic use or as insert for the plants for thermal modification.

Category: Earth