Submitted by: Flexibuild s.r.o.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Building Material Flexibuild

Flexibuild is a certificated building material and system of construction elements, insulation panels and self-supporting panels for partitions and constructions. It is an absolutely new category of building material which has up to now neither integration nor any comparable competitive product on the market. The material is processed with the help of a unique technology, that recycles rubbish from multilayered food packaging with Polyethylen. The technology is new in the Czech Republic, but is already pursued and tested in Europe. 9 BASIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MATERIAL FLEXIBUILD: applied characteristics – high firmness, elasticity, sound insulation heat insulation – good heat insulation qualities effortless processing – one can use wooden tools, coating, paperhanging, plastering time for construction with panels – a few weeks ecology – environmentally friendly material resistivity – against scratching, breaking open and mechanical damage hygienic harmlessness – without emissions from volatile materials affordability – of the material as well as construction system; short construction time saves costs water resistance – lower absorption ability without deformation

Category: Earth