Submitted by: Flexibuild s.r.o.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Energy saving family home in Zastávka u Brna

This project works on a ground floor bungalow with a saddle roof that has a surface of 8 x 10 m, which will serve a married couple in the locality of Zastávka and Brna for long-term living. The property is situated on the southern slope of an up to now partial lived-in area. The house arrangement encloses living-, bed-, study- and bathroom, as well as a kitchen, WC and a big terrace with the width covering the complete southern side of the house and boasts a view of the whole scenery. Because of the client's limited financial resources the project was implemented on a low-cost basis. New modern technological procedures were used for the construction. Especially for the building material and system Flexibuild, totally new construction details that use its unique physical characteristics were developed. This technology uses rubbish of multi layered food packaging, that contain Polyethylen, which are modified by the recycling process to construction panels. The end product is a system of construction elements, cover, insulation and self-supporting panels for partitions and constructions. The advantage are relatively low weight and good heat insulation qualities.

Category: Earth