Submitted by: Materská škola Slavonice
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Energy saving, modern and ecological preschool facility in the border region of Bohemia and Austria

The presented project has three basic stages: 1. Ecological and environmental project 2. Energy saving and fulfillment of the energetic audit 3. International photovoltaic pattern arrangement – introduction of new possibilities in practice The first and basic stage consists in teaching another way of thinking and in introducing terms like ecology and environmental education in practice. The second phase will concern the complete recovery of the kindergarten of the new generation with regard to energy conservation and the transition to ecological fuels. In the third and last phase it is going to be necessary to build a presentation arrangement on the roof of the kindergarten. The arrangement will serve schools in the region on both the Czech Republic, as well as on the Austrian side. On the building, which has a convenient location, the photovoltaic arrangement will be placed, with all the monitoring devices directly underneath. It will serve for education purposes and other common ecological projects for children, parents as well as pupils.

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