Submitted by: EON
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Theoretic low-energy house, practical passive house

This is about a realised low energy-house in Ceské Budejovice. Right from the start, the developer was sure of wanting to build a low energy house, taking the rising energy prices into consideration. After a thorough examination of accessible materials, he accounted the basic conditions and premises in his plan for the construction of such a house: •choice of the property with optimum use of south and west side of the house for living rooms; •a compact shape of the building and orientation of most living rooms towards the south; •excessive standard of heat insulation of the building envelope (foundations, floors, walls, windows and doors); •removal of thermal bridges; •assuring a high aerial density of the building; •passive as well as active solar energy use; •optimum choice of the heating system – heat pump with adaptable and well responding regulation; •controlled airing with heat recovery; •power-saving electrical appliances and lighting; •choice of lasting materials with low production costs with regard to the energy consumption; •rainwater use. Specific power demand for running the house: 35.5 kWh / m² and year.

Category: Earth