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Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: LED lighting

At the present, the technology of LED lighting is already the most effective transformation of electricity in light energy, especially in small performances. Available on the market is the generation with 50lm/W, but in laboratories, the further generation already exists, being more economic than over 100lm/W. I prepared some saving illumination products that bring the possibilities of lighting with its characteristics a whole new step further, where one can reach substantially higher savings compared to the purchasing price and sufficient illumination. The main product is the energy saving and adhesive light bulb for the night. It achieves 0.45W and illuminates almost like a 10W light bulb (2W discharge tube), so it can light a large room with an intensity, sufficient enough that one doesn´t knock against anything, or a small room such as toilet or bathroom or a hallway or not even a room, but the sink, the table or the keyboard with an intensity so that one can use them for normal activities.

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