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Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Highly effective miniature pulse sources

This technology solves the low efficiency and redundant robustness of transforming and switching sources in electronic devices. Each of these devices, regardless if computer, screen, printer, TV, DVD, video, radio - and there are nearly dozens of such in each household - needs a source and annually some billions are sold world-wide. The usual efficiency of these sources moves between 60 and 85% in standby-mode, i.e. with the consumption between 1 W and 20 W. The technology of harmonious pulse sources has not only an efficiency of about 90% and a consumption without a decrease of under 1 W, but is at the same time approximately four times smaller and also cheaper. According to the organization Energystar, by increasing the efficiency of these sources by about 10% to 20% and decreasing the standby consumption to below 1 W, around 20% of electricity in households can be saved, which means up to 2% worldwide, which annually means several billions of euros in energy.

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