Submitted by: EON
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Solar plant

The simple hot water ventilation collector is one of the cheapest plants for reducing fuel needs for the ventilation and heating of buildings. It consists of frames, normal glass, change-over dampers, two ventilation grids and piping. The check valve and the ventilator not only solve the heating but also the ventilation and that is why they are part of the ventilation system. The sucked-in air from the ventilator is heated in the space behind the glass and then depending on the position of the control damper is used for the ventilation or led back outside. The piping for the air supply has a ventilator with a check valve and regulation. With the overpressure in the room the used air is conducted outside through the piping with sufficient distance from the sucker grids. Neither automatic or thermostats are needed. When ventilation is needed the user turns the ventilator on and this blows air into the room. When there is enough sunlight warm air enters the room. With this there is additional heating at certain times.

Category: Earth