Submitted by: EON
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Boiler

The plan of the project was to make a boiler which could burn solid and gaseous parts at the same time. Operating such a heating e.g. 40 % gas, 60 % solid fuel costs the same as a heating which is only for solid fuels. The exhalation reduces to 50 % at the most of the original exhalation. The boiler switches on the gas pressure burner to 60 % capacity at the prefixed time and the heating of the boiler begins. After reaching the temperature at 10-15 °C over the dew point of the boiler the capacity of the boiler rises to 100 % and the solid fuels (coal, bio mass, pellets etc.) are ignited. After firing, the gas boiler stops operating and only the ventilator delivers secondary air for burning at about 10 %. In case of further demands for heat further solid fuels are delivered or the boiler turns to gas again.

Category: Fire