Submitted by: Synthesia, a.s.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Waste Water Filtration from the Manufacture of Nitro Cellulose

The demand for new finer kinds of nitro cellulose from customers had the side effect of an increased content of nitro cellulose fibers in waste water. A new micro sieve filter was installed which separates fibers and reintroduces them to the production. From an ecological point of view the technology control has a vital effect. In a trial run savings of 10 tons of cellulose were achieved. Separated fibers are reintroduced into the production, saving about 2000 80 year old trees from being felled. 180 000 m3 of cleaned water is used again in the production circuit as a transport medium and after being used several times the waste water from the factory is dumped in a much cleaner form than it was up to now.

Category: Water