Submitted by: Synthesia, a.s.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Non-destructive Extraction of Precious Metals from the Manufacture of Peroxy Nitric Acid

This project orientates itself on the extraction of platinum out of waste from the technology of the manufacture of peroxy nitric acid with the new original process. In the technology part the palladium absorbing system is installed which collects the fine dust from the platinum. The remaining particles of dust which is not collected was not used till now. At the technological shutdown in summer 2008 50% of the total amount of 43 kg of not absorbed platinum was obtained with a new cleaning method. Any contribution towards the world`s platinum stock is crucial. To extract a troy ounce 10-25 tons of ore have to be processed. With our process, on the world`s stock, we are saving 15000 tons of ore from being extracted. To bring this to mind – the platinum saved can be compared to a square with one side measuring 10 cm (world platinum reserves fill a square with one side measuring 6 m).

Category: Earth