Submitted by: Synthesia, a.s.
Implemented country: Czech Republic
Title: Motivating the Staff to Save Energy

The project is focused on lowering the use of energy in the form of steam in the production of nitrocellulose with the help of the production department staff. In 2007 206 905 GJ was used, which equates to the burning of 13 000 tons of coal. By analyzing the data the dependency on steam use was fixed on the amount of nitrocellulose produced and the room temperature. This way there was an instrument for monthly assessments of the energetic pro-active behavior of the team in 2008 without the disturbing influence of the changing temperature summer – winter. For every saved GJ heat one Euro goes into the cash-bow for commissions of this department. The aim is to change the outlook of the staff in regards to using energy and make them conscious of the connection between the richness of nature and their own activities in the company.

Category: Earth