National Energy Globe Award Ethiopia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Gaia Association
Implemented country: Ethiopia
Title: Air quality improvement with ethanol cooking stoves in Ethiopia

In refugee situations, a lack of alternatives forces households to cook using biomass, the burning of which exposes families to high levels of dangerous pollutants that can lead to serious or fatal diseases. Since 2005 Gaia Association, an Ethiopian NGO, has been working to introduce clean-burning, ethanol-fueled stoves to refugee households. The ethanol is derived from the by-products of locally produced sugar cane. So far 850 such stoves have been installed. Indoor air pollution has been reduced to below WHO recommendations. Further, the project has improved the lives of women and girls who no longer need to collect firewood, and the local environment has benefited from a reduction in deforestation, and greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced.

Category: Air