Submitted by: Mobil ohne Fossil e.V.
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Promoting renewable fuels

The volunteer association Mobil ohne Fossil (mobile without fossil fuel) pursues the goal of promoting renewable fuels and environmental protection. Since 2005 the association has been striving to motivate domestic automobile manufacturers to offer more Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) on the German market as well. Such vehicles can run on ethanol or gasoline. The advantages of this technology include that ethanol is a CO2-neutral fuel and that its production promotes local agriculture, which also reduces transport distances. To simplify the introduction of FFVs, the association promoted for establishment of E85 pumps (ethanol), arranged for FFVs to be freed of parking fees in one Bavarian town, and created an Internet platform for auto dealers, drivers, gas station owners and others interested in this technology. Last but not least, the association publicized ethanol as a suitable fuel via television broadcasts.

Category: Fire