Submitted by: Socotra Eco-Tourism Society (SES) & Socotri Women's Association (SWA)
Implemented country: Yemen
Title: Solar lamps for two locally operated eco-tourism campsites on Socotra Island

The project was implemented by the Socotra Eco-Tourism Society and the Socotri Women’s Association. In two community-operated ecotourism campsites, Homhil and Dihamri, polluting kerosene lamps were replaced by ecologically benign solar lamps. That way the project provided access to clean energy and reduced the negative impact of kerosene on the environment. The German experts who assembled the lamps also trained local people in assembly and maintenance of the lamps. Thereby the project also contributed to income generation by bringing new skills and employment opportunities to the community. In the course of an awareness-raising campaign, local people were informed about the importance of renewable energy and solar lamps, especially in ecologically fragile environments.

Category: Fire