Submitted by: Haitian Community Development Project Inc.
Implemented country: United States
Title: Haiti Waste Disposal Project

Haitian Community Development Project was launched by a non-profit organization based in Hudson, New York. Part of their work is helping Haitians to live in a cleaner environment. Haiti suffers from both a very high child mortality rate and a short life expectancy. There have been many efforts to improve the health of the population, but most of these efforts have not focused on the source of the problem. Although AIDS education and other important health areas have been a subject of interest, the main problem, the polluted environment, has not been addressed. The organization’s goal is to address the particular problem that affects the overall health of the country: sanitation. Young children ravaging through pile of trash is a health issue. Sewer blockage because the trash is dumped in the street and prevents the flow of rainwater and waste water through pipes is a core problem. In addition to local regulations, the organization has come in contact with manufactures that are specialists in the manufacture of waste disposal systems. The project is committed to providing for a cleaner, safer and healthier environment, and its sole purpose is designing, manufacturing and installing a range of modern waste disposal systems.

Category: Earth