Submitted by: Department of Environmental Affairs
Implemented country: Iraq
Title: Workshop for the local production of solar water heaters in Yemen

The aim of this national training and workshop program is to establish locally produced and maintained solar systems that provide warm water in particular for rural communities in the Republic of Yemen. The country has a very low access to electricity, especially in rural areas, where it is only 23%. The strategy therefore includes national grid extensions on the one hand and renewable energy off-grid options on the other hand, including the establishment of SMEs for developing water heaters. This serves as a promotion of local invention and contributes to poverty eradication by supporting local income opportunities and by reducing the workload burden on women who are at present heavily engaged in the collection of firewood. The project will improve their quality of life by facilitating their access to energy resources. In addition, the substitution of kerosene and fuel wood by renewable energy will have a significant impact on the economy and the environment as it entails forest conservation and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Category: Fire