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Submitted by: Brasil Sustentavel (BRASUS)
Implemented country: Brazil
Title: Sustainable markets for renewable energy in rural regions of Brazil

Brasil Sustentável is a non -profit NGO based in Brasilia and provides services that contribute to Brazil’s sustainable economic and environmental development. Together with a vast network of associated partner organizations, BRASUS promotes sustainable markets and business models for renewable energy technologies and sustainable agriculture in poor rural areas by providing information, practical training, local institutional capacity-building, project development support and financing. The project that was funded by the United Nations Foundation brings the necessary knowledge and partnerships to isolated, neglected communities, giving them the chance to overcome barriers that impede development. Positive impacts are a greater social and economic equity as jobs are created and family income substantially increases as well as the creation of environmental consciousness for preserving biodiversity and managing natural resources. The project has already obtained considerable results such as the implementation of 45 RE projects and the participation of 19 private sector organizations.

Category: Fire