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Submitted by: Sustainable Harvest International
Implemented country: United States
Title: Sustainable harvest core program

Sustainable Harvest International’s (SHI) core program is to further the mission to build a global network of local partners working toward environmental, economic and social sustainability. SHI facilitates long-term collaboration among trained local staff, farmers and communities to implement sustainable land-use practices that alleviate poverty by restoring ecological stability. The world’s tropical forests are being lost at an alarming rate, largely due to agricultural expansion. This loss is resulting in the extinction of native plant and animal species, a net increase in greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change, increased soil erosion, drought, flooding and air pollution from slash and burn agriculture. SHI’s program addresses Central and South America. It provides farmers who are practicing unsustainable, shifting slash-and-burn cultivation with alternatives that they are often desperate to learn. Local forestry and agriculture experts hired and trained as extensionists by SHI work directly with over 750 families on a variety of activities. SHI’s program participants learn sustainable alternatives that improve their environment, incomes and communities.

Category: Earth