Submitted by: Municipality of Walvis Bay, Namibia, Environmental Awareness Project, Augustinus Katiti (CEO)
Implemented country: Namibia
Title: Walvis Bay Environmental Awareness Project in Namibia

The overall goal of this project is to make significant progress towards studying and managing Walvis Bay’s fragile and valuable environment. The project’s four closely interrelated components are: Development of an environmental policy, a strategy and action plans for this area. Undertaking a coastal area study to gain full and authoritative understanding of the natural processes and human impacts affecting the coastal area. A study of the municipal budget and tariff system aimed at creating incentives to save scarce resources such as water and energy and at funding current and future environmental management activities and initiatives. To create more public awareness to encourage stakeholders and citizen to participate. The project investigates five areas of the environment and development in Walvis Bay: work, water, recycling, pollution and tourism.

Category: Youth