Submitted by: Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Medellín, Universidad de Antioquia Y Uni. Pontifica Bolivariana
Implemented country: Colombia
Title: Industrial experience in coal gasification in Colombia

Colombia has the biggest coal reserves in South America, but they are mainly used for inefficient combustion processes. In this project equipment for combustion-gasification was constructed to produce the hot and clean gases needed for the drying process of raw ceramic materials in the brick industry. Another important factor to emphasize was the proved capacity of the team, which performed a series of different experiments to ensure and guarantee proper operation of the industrial reactor. This project represents a technological innovation in Colombia, since it began with theoretical studies, then construction of a pilot plant and finally the construction of a fluidized bed reactor to be used in the industry. The industrial reactor was built in two zones. The first is the fluidized bed chamber, where gasification and combustion reactions take place; the second is the freeboard zone, where post-combustion takes place. After this zone another chamber was built to allow the mixture of the hot gases with fresh air. The blended stream meets the conditions of flow and temperature needed for the drying process. An efficiency of 85% for the heating of air with hot gases was achieved.

Category: Fire