Submitted by: ISEO International Sustainable Energy Organization
Implemented country: Switzerland
Title: Sustainable energy worldwide

The International Sustainable Energy Organization (ISEO) provides practical, action-oriented answers to the crucial question of how the causes of most global and local environmental and health problems can be eradicated. If we want future generations to have a chance of survival on Earth, the energy dilemma must be resolved fast and effectively. In order to fulfill its task efficiently and speedily, ISEO is actively covering the following subjects: establishment of complete energy statistics and forecasting standards; a world-wide network in the areas of hydro-, wind, solar and ocean energy, clean fuel production and storage, sustainable architecture, sustainable transportation, education, awareness creation, improved financing of projects, environment and energy laws, etc. Competence centers on all these subjects are coordinated by qualified experts and a statistics and forecasting task force is conducting world-wide surveys to set the targets for meeting the goals of a 50-year sustainable energy scenario. The website is the platform for communication and dissemination of ISEO information.

Category: Earth