Submitted by: Centre for Sustainable Energy
Implemented country: United Kingdom
Title: Pitching for Solar

CSE wanted to establish a practical scheme that would result in real installations of renewable energy technology that would also have educational value and generate good publicity for renewables generally. The South West of England is one of the UK’s major tourist destinations and has a high solar resource and many areas that do not have access to natural gas heating. Pitching for solar drew together these distinct factors to create a project that was welcomed by local communities, reduces reliance on fossil fuels in off-gas areas, promotes sustainable tourism and increases the visibility, understanding and acceptance of appropriate renewable energy technologies. The Pitching for Solar pilot scheme provided capital grants and facilitated the installation of solar water heating systems at campsites across the South West of England. The aims are: To reduce reliance on fossil fuel energy used in campsites. To offer capital grants to help support the solar water heating installation costs. To provide educational opportunities to campsite visitors. To achieve annual cost savings from free solar hot water displacing the use of fossil fuels. To promote the concept of green tourism.

Category: Fire