Submitted by: Komitee Aktion Umwelt Tirol - A.U.T.
Implemented country: Austria
Title: EC-tunnel project

The European economy needs well-functioning infrastructure. Therefore requires not only the EU free movement of goods for a joyful economic development and, as a condition suitable for transport and environmentally friendly transport routes.
Because of the constant traffic jams and thus more and more trouble-prone north-north-south connection in time and transportation cost which is difficult to calculate. An economically, in a moderate and reasonable time to best transport links for coping with the necessary capacity is from day to day and also for the future ever more crucial and important.
The elimination of the current strong realistic emissions impact the sensitive Alpine region is transiting from the north-south-north traffic top priority. One solution has for a long time an almost unimpeded movement of goods and passenger transport guarantee (with or without car) north of the north-south traffic.
The EC-tunnel project meets these conditions, both for the foreseeable short five-year construction period and for the subsequent operation for about another 100 years as a solution of a century. For this project, both for goods and freight, passenger cars and no passenger cars designed with.
Through this EC-tunnel project on the one hand guarantee an occupancy rate in the long run and the other a voluntary acceptance of all users is given without coercion.
With the EC-tunnel project for a more reliable transport, faster, cheaper and environmentally friendly transit solution is guaranteed.

Category: Air
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