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National Energy Globe Award Germany (overall winner)

Submitted by: Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Viessmann: Less Is More!

After graduating with a business degree, Dr. Martin Viessmann took over his father’s responsibilities as managing director of the Viessmann group, the internationally leading manufacturer of heating technology systems. Founded in 1917 by the Viessman family, the company now has approximately 9,600 employees. Martin Viessmann feels a strong sense of commitment not only to the task of safeguarding the climate and reducing CO2  emissions, but he is also aware of the needs of his company’s employees and local business locations. This is why Viessmann initiated a sustainability project in 2006 called Efficiency Plus based on a holistic concept including climate protection, resource efficiency and job preservation. At company headquarters in the German city of Allendorf, efficiency was increased in several areas, including work and material efficiency in manufacturing, and energy efficiency for users and producers.
By means of a complete revamping of the company’s production facilities and implementing an innovative energy concept, the consumption of fossil fuels was reduced by 66 per cent. C02 emissions were reduced by 80 per cent. Renewables have now reached 23 per cent. These improvements were achieved by optimizing utilization, by creating shorter production paths and buying new machinery with highly efficient drive engineering. In addition, a number of other measures were taken, such as installing a centralized heat recovery system, improving pipework insulation, providing an insulated building envelope, and building new entrance gates, but also by using geothermal energy and ambient heat, as well as generating energy from biomass and solar power.
For Viessmann, this is a strategic sustainability project. A total of 220 million euros were invested in the course of the last three project years. As a result, all areas concerned are now functioning more efficiently than ever. For example, work efficiency was increased by 20 per cent. This means that the entire project will pay off for the Viessmann Group in 6 to 8 years. This project has also shown that the European Union’s energy and climate policy goals for 2020 can already be reached even today with the available technology on the market. About 20,000 visitors a year take a tour of the company at Allendorf headquarters. As sustainability and resource efficiency are a core part of Viessmann’s corporate culture, the Efficiency Plus project is constantly being monitored and improved. In this year, the second biogas plant will start up at headquarters, thus increasing the percentage of renewables to approximately 80 per cent.

“In the face of an increasing scarcity of natural resources and the inevitable consequences of climate change, future economic growth and hence commercial success can only be achieved by acting sustainably.”

Martin Viessmann

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