National Energy Globe Award United Kingdom (overall winner)

Submitted by: Glosfume LtD
Implemented country: United Kingdom
Title: Ceramic Filter Surpasses Expectations

The Scottish Ladyloan School uses a wood-burning biomass boiler. Because there is a public playground right next to the school, concerned parents approached local authorities concerning air quality levels and emissions. They wanted the boiler to be removed. A new compact ceramic filter solved the problem and exceeded expectations because an independent assessment stated emissions now were 96 per cent below Scottish environmental objectives for 2020. The filter proved so successful that an additional 15 filters were installed in other biomass combustion-incinerators in schools, hospitals and local community buildings.
Installation of the filter at Ladyloan School was truly exemplary. Four years after installation of the original set, all the original parts are still in use. 96 percent of PM10 and PM 2.5 particles are filtered out. More recently, at Hamlet Tower, a “School for the Future”, a wood incinerator biomass-oven was installed and the school insisted on using a ceramic filter. Thanks to this new filter, incineration heating systems can also be used in areas with bad air quality because emissions don’t cause pollution. Costs for the filter are rarely more than 10 per cent above those for a new boiler.
Robert Roberts, who really enjoys work, is Managing Director of Glosfume, the company that designed the filter. He is proud of having contributed to a cleaner environment. The ceramic filter surpassed expectations by far, even from a business viewpoint, because meanwhile the filter is being used for many different systems and companies-- even by Great Britain’s largest boiler manufacturer.

“Look after our precious environment.”

Robert Roberts

Category: Air