National Energy Globe Award Slovenia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Coexistence Society for Sustainable Development
Implemented country: Slovenia
Title: Efficient-Energy School Project at GJV Schools

Water is one of the most important resources for life on this planet. Two Slovenian schools have recently organized projects that show how simple it can be to save water, heating fuel, and electricity. The wonderful thing was that everyone participated. Stickers were printed for school doors and light switches to create more awareness for the project. Students were put in charge of turning lights and electronic equipment off or making sure that everything is turned off. Temperatures in classrooms were lowered by one degree and people were asked to use less water in the lavatories. Long-term measures included installing motion sensors in the hallways, using energy-saving lamps and lights for blackboards, and cleaning lights and light fixtures.
Within one year, 24.27% of energy was saved by the vocational school and 11.59% by the elementary school. Heating oil savings were 3.4%, and 25.8% for water. Final results were presented to all students, teachers, and parents. Even a local radio station did a report on the project.
Nada PAVŠER is very proud of all the energy saved and the learning benefit to the students.

"Follow personal goals and realize their dreams for myself, my family and to preserve the common good for nature. Every evening ask yourself how effective that day you had."


Category: Youth