National Energy Globe Award Tunisia (overall winner)

Submitted by: DAR HI
Implemented country: Tunisia
Title: Eco-Hotel in Tunisia Is a Challenge for Experienced Hotel Managers

Building an eco-lodge in Tunisia is quite a challenge, even for Tunisians. But Philippe Chapelet and Patrick Elouarghi have completed a unique project by finishing the Dar Hi. Their dream was to build a hotel in a typical Tunisian building style that would perfectly match the landscape and would not be accessible by vehicles. So they decided to go natural 100 per cent. The water comes from a natural hot water spring in the desert and provides the Turkish bath and the outdoor pool with warm water. Fruit and vegetables are grown in the hotel’s own organic farming garden.
The hotel was built with local building materials and local man power. But this is where our two visionaries were confronted with their own limits. Negotiations were tough and construction deadlines were not being met because building materials were not to be imported from the outside. But the 18-room lodge was eventually completed.
This is Patrick’s and Philippe’s third hotel they built together. Both graduates with business degrees, they are also interested in the hospitality industry. They enjoy crossing frontiers and are always on the lookout for new ideas. Patrick‘s motivation for this new hotel project was to get in touch with his Tunisian roots because his father is Tunisian. For Philippe it was simply a thrill to try building an eco-hotel in Tunisia, since this had not ever been done before.
Dar Hi Lodge has brought a completely new concept to Tunisia, one that is based on ecology and sustainability. The building rises out of the sand like a fortress and stands for hospitality and serenity. The hotel offers thalassic therapy in harmony with nature and the environment. This project also helped the local economy and helps protect the natural green oasis.

“One needs to feel at ease to enjoy and savor life, to get fresh ideas and to do oneself good. Hi Life allows one to be in a new state of mind.”

Philippe Chapelet and Patrick Elouarghi