Submitted by: Gemeinde Altach
Implemented country: Austria
Title: KOM events center

The project KOM - is a multifunctional convention center, a room for meetings and exercise for young and old. The concept includes the compaction of the village structure, the adaptation of the former fire station building and the adjoining parish of North Street. The centrality allows high functional density, short distances and the multiple use of single rooms making a good usage is guaranteed. For the project a very high energy, environmental and baubiolog ical quality is given:
For energy, a biomass heating system with heat supply is integrated into the complex, on the roofs and in facades begrüriten photovoltaic systems are provided. The energy consumption is minimized by using highly efficient heat recovery ventilation systems, control and tracking of the blinds, control of lighting and ventilation by means of light sensors on C02 sensor. To cool the forthcoming groundwater is used. The building envelope corresponds to the passive house standard.
COM events center

Category: Earth
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