National Energy Globe Award South Africa (overall winner)

Submitted by: People's Power Africa
Implemented country: South Africa
Title: Sustainable Showcase Project for Rural Schools without Power Supply and Sanitary Facilities

In South Africa, more than 10 million people have no access to sanitary facilities. This project would like to demonstrate how natural biotechnological systems can provide rural populations with access to clean facilities. Where communities are not hooked up to public power supply, energy can be provided and treated water can be used for sustainable gardening.

Some schools are required to provide their own food for school meals. The NGO “People’s Power Africa“ is offering new solutions for the production of biogas, which will reduce the use of petroleum for cooking. Schools will also be introduced to the idea of using organic fertilizer in school vegetable gardens as well as using treated water. Project manager Mark Wells is hoping to show how approaches such as this one can help save money in the long term.

One pilot project was implemented at the Three Crowns School where 170 school children learned how to avoid creating more waste, how sustainable energy can be made and how important recycling and managing resources really is. The school was provided with a new sanitary system as well as a biogas plant because this school is not hooked up to the public power grid. The implementation of the project showed direct results by saving the annual energy costs of 618 euros. More vegetable were grown and the school children decided not to miss as many hours because they and the teachers enjoyed being in school a whole lot more. Even the surrounding communities became interested in the use of biogas.
Mark Wells, himself a father of four, is proud that the Three Crowns School in Emalahleni has received several international awards for sustainable vegetable farming and the use of renewable energies. As this project is replicable, Wells would like to find more schools interested in participating. He also hopes that the government will get involved, which would provide more opportunities as well.

“Work with Nature.”

Mark Wells

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